Wilson & Market

Wilson & Market embodies healthy positive eating, a farm to table concept where biodynamic ingredients are lovingly sourced from small local farms.

Wilson & Market is the new flagship restaurant located at the Prahran Market. The eatery includes a ‘hole-in-the wall’ take-away window, a café that extends into the market square and a brasserie and bar with an entrance off Commercial road.

Photographer: Peter Clarke

Kestie Lane Studio poured an abundance of heart and soul into the project, which transpired into a beautifully composed interior.
The restaurant design juxtaposes a contemporary, sophisticated aesthetic against the raw energy and buzz of the daytime market place and holds its own as an evening destination brasserie and bar venue.

The interior palette curated of warm finishes of grey stained oak timber, terrazzo and timber floors, soft polished concrete walls offset by the punch of the green tiles and the extensive green marble bar, combined create an elegant feel-good space.
The sophisticated palette of finishes and custom crafted joinery sets the design language which creates an intimate yet a lively energy to the venue.
Wilson & Market is an authentic and intimate interior, with an unpretentious elegance.

The inspired food sits beautifully against the crafted interior that evokes a relaxed and memorable experience
Wilson and Market is bustling yet intimate, the interior encourages customers to immerse themselves allowing for a different experience each visit.