Kettle Black

The Kettle Black has a quiet confidence nestled under the belly of an Elenberg Fraser apartment tower on Albert Road,
South Melbourne.
The light filled café is elegant and warm, it is authentic and hand crafted and is genuinely a feel good space with a
friendly hustle.
The Kettle Black is no standard café, it sits somewhere between café and restaurant, almost creating its own new genre of venue.

Photographer: Peter Clarke

The theatrical moments of the interior transform the ordinary into something truly beautiful and sculptural.
The interior palette has been carefully curated with warm finishes of soft oak timbers, polished concrete offset by the punch of the mischievous green furniture and tiled walls.
The black crafted steel hanging waiters stations and communal tables add the tough edge whilst the hexagonal marble tiles and brass detailing bring a refined elegance and luxury to the café.
The true beauty and innovation of this project is how the design slowly reveals itself with a series of vignettes within the interior, an ordinary concrete construction pipe transformed into an elegant brass lined water basin.