The Artedomus showroom in Richmond is a gallery like experience of curated zones, centred around Italian Bathware company Agape. The showroom showcases Japanese ceramics, European Porcelain and exclusive stones.

The design team were able to bring the client's brief to life by taking the once cavernous and dark basement showroom and transform it into a light filled gallery space.

Photographer: Peter Clarke

The challenge was to undergo a massive edit from hundreds of existing tile and stone samples and then showcase them in a minimal and sculptural way.

The result was the design of the 'display pods'. Every aspect of the pod setting was
carefully curated to showcase the relationship between bathroom ware, stone and tiles
in an elegant and refined setting. This allowed the beauty and character of each element to
have a special moment.

The dramatic transformation of the showroom has made it a destination for designers and specifiers and has reaffirmed the position of Artedomus within its industry.